Facebook Tips Part 1

If you run a business on Facebook, you've probably realized that getting people to see your posts might be difficult.
To help you get your posts in front of more people, I put together a list of my top 13 strategies for beating the Facebook algorithm.

What is the Facebook Algorithm, and how does it work?

The Algorithm is how Facebook regulates and controls WHAT posts appear in your Facebook feed, as well as the ORDER in which those posts appear.

Facebook has over 1500 choices for what they can show you at any given time.
The system narrows it down to the top 200 or so, then ranks them in order based on your preferences.

For the most part, as users, we can all enjoy that list getting whittled down!

However, if you're a company seeking to have your postings seen by more people, it can be challenging.

Here are 5 strategies for getting around Facebook's algorithm and getting your content seen:

  • *Start a conversation

  • Consider how you can use your words to generate discussion each time you publish.
    It could be as simple as asking a question or offering a concept that requires a response.

    One word of caution: don't beg people to Like, Comment, or Share your content overtly.
    These are approaches that have worked in the past on Facebook, but these requests may now be considered spam by Facebook.

    Even if there is a time and a place for these demands, attempt to come up with various strategies to accomplish the same aim.

    The idea is to get people talking about your topic without being pushy or desperate.

*Incorporate video into your postings

There are several reasons why video will increase the number of people that see your Facebook page.

Video simply has a wider reach on Facebook than other sorts of posts.
Simply by posting a video rather than a photo, your message will reach a larger audience.
People like video and interact with it more readily on Facebook, thus it appears in more people's news feeds.

People do appear to enjoy video, and they watch it more than they do images.

Facebook LIVE is the KING of video possibilities.
Not only is it an engaging video that will pique people's interest, but Facebook also adores its own product, Facebook Live.
If you submit a live video, your post might get up to 6 times more views.

*Make each of your postings one-of-a-kind

It's a good idea to re-use or re-purpose information that you've been posting on your business's page for a while.
After all, if you spent so much effort on that video, it deserves multiple posts, right?

The idea is to avoid posting the same thing over and over again.
In some manner, change things up.
The concept is that it's the same "content" or idea that's just been presented in a different way.

Change the wording at the top of the post if you're posting the same video.

If you're going to link to a relevant article, make a graphic out of a quote from that piece.

*Use Facebook Groups to your advantage

You could start a Facebook Group if it makes sense for your company.
(or two or three!)

While a conventional Facebook page's reach may be limited to as few as 2% of its followers on any one post, Facebook groups are not.

People must "opt-in" to a Facebook group, which means they have already signaled that they are interested in your material and are willing to interact with you.

In a Facebook group, they'll have many more chances to do just that.

Consider your brand and how you could use a Facebook group to engage with your fans.

*Involve your staff

Consider how you can encourage your employees to interact with and share information from your company's Facebook page.

Remember that people are far more likely to notice postings from personal friends than they are to see those from businesses.
As a result, if your staff share your posts, they will gain a lot more exposure.

Furthermore, people are 16 times more likely to read a post from a friend than a business, according to statistics.

Not only will your post appear in more people's news feeds, but it will also be more likely to be read!

See if you can come up with some creative ideas to enlist the help of your coworkers.
At the very least, you can share your company's material from time to time!


Finally, if you haven't been putting many of these recommendations into practice, I propose focusing on 1-2 of them.
Return to this list and apply the next 2 items once they've become a part of your routine and you're ready to take on more.

Soon, you'll have a Facebook Page that defies the algorithm's restrictions!

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